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“It’s not just what you have, but it’s what you do with what you have. Who are you lifting up? Who are you making better?”1
(Denzel Washington)

My philosophies are based on evolving into the fully realized and optimized person I am meant to become. They inspire me to pursue continuous improvement and help guide me on my path.

Dangerous adventures and continuous exploration have led me to step into the land of unknown outcomes, where nothing is guaranteed. Although many times I have failed, all the great things that have ever come to me have come through reaching out into that unknown. Stepping into the unknown of life’s adventures is even more meaningful when you consider their exponential power…

Becoming Exponentially More

Every experience in my life, both the good and the bad, changes me in some way. Every adventure I survive. Every book I read. Every relationship I develop. Every country I explore. Every new hobby I learn. Every time I start a new job, or get fired from one, or move to a new city, or marry, or divorce, or have children. Each of these things change who I am and add to the network of my total knowledge.

There is a hidden power within my network of knowledge that helps me grow exponentially with each new experience.

Metcalfe’s Law explains how the value of networks grow with the addition of each new device or member. According to Wikipedia, “the law has been often illustrated using the example of fax machines: a single fax machine is useless, but the value of every fax machine increases with the total number of fax machines in the network, because the total number of people with whom each user may send and receive documents increases.”2

Life experiences work the same way. A single experience may contribute little to the life of a person. But, like the fax machine, the value of every experience increases with the total number of experiences in one’s lifetime. As each new experience changes you, the value of every past experience, life lesson, or challenge, compounds exponentially within the “new” you.

Something happening today may create a sudden insight from an experience decades before.

With each experience, you build an ever-growing network of knowledge to draw upon. This is why “experienced” people seem so smart – they have tapped into the exponential power of becoming more.

Four steps help me remain persistently willing to reach out into the unknown, even when the path appears hard, scary or even impossible to pass:

  1. I know each step on my path of continuous improvement helps me grow exponentially
  2. I accept fear as a natural response to the unknown, not an excuse to say NO
  3. I say YES to opportunities to learn, grow, explore, and go, even in the face of uncertainty
  4. I reflect on how my life experiences change who I am and what I want over time

The Exponential Power of Giving

The more I venture into the land of unknown outcomes, the more I become. And the more I become, the more able I am to give.

Giving is the ultimate land of unknown outcomes. It is impossible to know how much one simple act of kindness or a helping hand will mean to another person.

“Even if no one sees or acknowledges it,” writes Dr. Wayne Dyer in Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life, giving “a silent blessing or thought of love towards others contains a vibration that will be felt throughout the cosmos.”

Just like the exponential power within a network of devices and experiences, the exponential power of giving is real. When you give, you are creating ripples of positivity with unlimited potential.

I believe we are here to become all we are capable of becoming with the gifts we are given so that we are able to give to others, lift them, and help them become all they are capable of becoming with the gifts they are given.

The enormous energy of such a virtuous cycle of giving is enough to improve the health and wellbeing of the world, one person at a time.

What could be more powerful than that?

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