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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

In case you managed to miss all the advertisements for diamonds and chocolate, Valentine’s Day is this weekend. There is usually a focus on romance, flowers, and the “Hollywood Love” portrayed in movies and on shows like The Bachelor, but this year we suggest celebrating a different kind of love.

When you think about love, the relationship you have with yourself might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, you are the person you know the best – no matter what you should always be able to count on yourself. Taking care and valuing the relationship you have with yourself is important. While some people might worry that a little self-love will make them selfish, we believe treating yourself kindly will only put you in a better position to love all the other people in your life.

This Valentines Day weekend, go on a solo date.

Carve out time to do something completely alone that you know you will love. Maybe you have wanted to see a specific movie or check out a new exhibit at the local museum, but whatever it is, treat yourself with a little TLC. A few more ideas for solo dates could be going to the spa, taking a long walk, reading a new book (may we suggest The Belief Road Map?!), taking your taste buds on an adventure, or perhaps spending a few hours planning a solo vacation.

In Julia Cameron’s incredibly inspiring book The Artists Way, she recommends going on weekly Artists Dates. Watch this 2-minute video for her explanation about why solo dates are so important to your soul, creativity, and mental health. For 100 solo date ideas, check out this list.

Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, everyone can benefit from time alone to cultivate the relationship you’ve had your whole life – so show yourself some love, go play, and do something special for yourself this Valentine’s Day!

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