Inspiration Isn’t Enough To Transform Your Life

Inspiration Isn’t Enough To Transform Your Life |“The only way to fail is to stop moving forward.”
(Michelle Norris)

I’ve just returned from an amazing conference called Paleo f(x). If you were there, you’ll know just what I mean. The conference co-founders Keith and Michelle Norris brought in more than 100 awesome speakers with one collective goal in mind; to inspire each attendee to become more after the conference than they were before they got there. Topics ranged from The Role Of Microbiome in Health and Disease to Parkour Biomechanics, from Dr. Cate’s Cholesterol Clinic to Hacking Consciousness For Peak Performance, and from How To Get A Sexy, Stunning Body Without Wasting Your Time Or Money to The Effects of Food and Mood in 2016. The speakers did not disappoint. Just look at the comments we captured as attendees expressed what was inspiring them.

Of course, inspiration is a wonderful thing. It’s essential, in fact. But inspiration alone isn’t enough. It’s not nearly enough to just get excited about self-improvement. After an inspiring conference or similar event, you must turn inspiration into action once you get back to your “real life”. You must apply what you’ve learned and begin the work of transforming yourself into an improved version of the person you were before attending the event.

Deciding to create a better you is a personal decision. And it’s a decision you can make today! Right now, in fact. Just take a deep breath in, let it out slowly and commit to beginning the journey to becoming your absolute best self.

Now that you’ve done that, there are three steps you can take today that will start you on your journey. I promise that if you do these three things, if you embrace them fully and commit to them completely, your life will take off in ways you cannot begin to imagine from where you stand right now.


Have you heard people say “My pants don’t fit me anymore”? Have you said it yourself?

It’s an all too common phrase in our modern language. It underscores a dangerous shift from a culture of personal responsibility to one of blaming others. If I say, “I don’t fit into my pants anymore” then I’m taking responsibility. Yet somehow it’s easier for me to blame my pants, as if they did the changing.

So, the first step to a better you is accepting personal responsibility for developing your full potential as a human being. This is completely within your control. It comes from inside you. Dedicate yourself to personal responsibility from today forward.


The second step is deciding to develop a practice of Kaizen, a Japanese concept meaning continuous improvement. Kaizen is the idea that there is always something that you can do better tomorrow than you did today.

A practice dedicated to continuous improvement increases your commitment to a lifetime of learning and trying new things. What it is that you decide to improve upon at any given time can vary widely – it may be boosting your gut health with natural probiotics, or adding meditation to your morning routine, or becoming a speaker at next year’s Paleo f(x) conference. It could be improving your health with functional medicine, or helping others by sharing what you learned at a conference or event, or adding bone broth to your diet. It might be trying to be a little less perfect and a little more consistent. It can be big or small. It can be anything that you want.

The decision is completely yours to make. It comes from inside you. So, take a moment to read about Kaizen – here is a good place to start. Make a list of things you want to improve or become. Start work on one of them today, even if it’s just taking a single small step – like watching a video of The Fitness Explorer, Darryl Edwards. Dedicate yourself to the practice of Kaizen from this day forward. And never look back, ever.


The third step is deciding to begin a practice of carefree diligence. In his book, The Tao of Joy Every Day: 365 Days of Tao Living, Derek Lin says that Diligence means having the “discipline to progress in a purposeful direction with consistency”. He continues: “It’s taking one step after another, without stopping but also without a frantic rush.”  As you enjoy the journey to your absolute best life, “the body may be in motion, but the mind is perfectly relaxed.”

The key words here are motion and relax. It’s important that you keep moving on your journey but RELAX about it. Keep doing but stop stressing. Enjoy the process but don’t cling to outcomes. Trust in yourself that every small effort is a step on your journey, regardless of the immediately observable result, or lack thereof.

Once again, this decision is completely within your control. Isn’t that great?

You don’t need permission from anyone. You can decide today. Right now.


So this is my advice for honoring the commitment you have made to create a better you. Go slowly. Be kind to yourself. Keep moving forward in a purposeful direction with consistency. Use Shunryu Suzuki-roshi’s message to be gentle and resolved at the same time. As he says it, “Each of you is perfect the way you are … and you can use a little improvement.”

Take your time. Do your work. And learn as you take daily steps on the journey to become your absolute best self.

I can’t wait to see the new you at Paleo f(x) 2017.

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