Ever had a 68-year-old oddball-renegade who dwells within the Functional Medicine Ecosystem teach you about finding your true zest? A practitioner of Positive Psychology who meditates each morning doing a handstand?

Listen to our talk with renowned health coach Sandra Scheinbaum and turn your perspective on health upside down.


Our next guest comes on the show to rap about all things health and health care, new age and run of the mill. Complete with a little bit on The BEATLES in ’64.

Other than treating a broken leg or something similarly acute, doesn’t the current system feels kinda broken? Learn how to stop treating from outside-in to start healing from inside out.

The medicine of “what” is out. The medicine of “why” is in. And Sandra had her “boots on the ground” in the revolution way back in the 70s when she learned from the best.


With the science of cognitive psychology, learn how to transform deficits into assets, to overcome fear and anxidety, to transform your thinkin from “what is I fail?!” to “so what if I fail.”

Stop sitting, start standing. Love learning. Keep moving. Keep doing. Find your zest.

And, maybe give that upside down mediation a try.

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