Change your floor plan, change your life.

Listen to our talk with Feng Shui guru Amanda Gates and learn about the Equation of Life, about healing through space, about what the heck the “Red Envelope” is.

Chi ain’t crazy. Energy is real.

Don’t forget the East was already at senior prom when the West was still in diapers.


Learn how a seemingly random book at a bookstore can alter the trajectory of a life. Learn when it is good to “trust the idiotic 20-year-old within.”

Discover when it’s a good thing your husband’s cheating on you so you can finally divorce the dude and let your freak flag fly.


Energy happens. It’s all around us. You can’t see it, you can’t prove it, but we all experience it.

We attract the environments in which we live and the environments in which we live affect us. For the better and for the worse.

Yeah, a kinked hose allows some water through, but they work better at full flow. Same with our homes. Same with mama earth.

Learn how to intuit and feel the energies around us, how to optimize the flow that connects us to our homes and our homes to our earth.


Amanda has studied under three Fung Shui Grand Masters. She gave up a career in medicine to do this work. And she’s damn good at it.

Skeptical? Perfect. She loves skeptics. Allow her to do a free floor plan reading of your home . . .  and she’ll tell you what’s up with your life.

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