Like syllables? The Tiny Fit Diva’s got ‘em.


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. Auto-immune Protocol Certifications. Beach Body Physique Competitor.

She healed herself and now lives to find healing opportunities for others—through her practice, through her physical training, by her blog and her podcast.

Learn how your gut affects anxiety levels. How different foods can clear your skin, even heal joint pain and cure migraines.


Find out how Kylene went from her “Pit of Despair” times to “Storming the Castle” of cool health.

Oh, and this Princess Bride’s “Westley” might even be more rad than the dude in the flic.

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Book Recommendations:

Wheat Belly : Dr. William Davis

Paleo Approach : Sarah Ballantyne

The Slight Edge : Jeff Olson

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