The Inspiration for the Happy Living House

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“Follow your heart wherever it leads you because it knows where your happiness lies.”
(Turning Inspiration Into Action, page 11)

This is my last post for the year. It’s about something I could not have imagined when the year began. Let me explain.

I was in Portland this summer telling a story to a group of conference goers. We were at a summit for creatives, entrepreneurs, and world travelers. The story I told covered my entrepreneurial roller coaster ride. Our Happy Living guests sat on beach chairs—scattered about the Portland Pier and aboard our twenty-five-foot yacht we’d rented to host our workshops and parties.

We hosted seven events in that venue over the course of the four-day conference. We shared lessons about growing businesses, about marketing concepts and creativity, and about story telling. We learned from other speakers and from our guests. We hosted dinner parties and happy hours, sharing incredible food, wine, and conversation. Like those Enlightenment-era “salons,” we got a group of real people together and had an amazing time learning cool stuff.

I had a flash of “aha.” Like that’s what Happy Living needed more of—real life engagement. The internet is a wonderful tool, but at the start of 2018 I didn’t realize the value of a having a physical gathering place in which to engage with our community on a human level. We found that place—and we call it the Happy Living House.

This year, and this house, has helped me get more clarity on how I define happiness, too. My definition contains four elements; 1) doing things I love, 2) with people I love, 3) in places I love, while 4) creating something of value for others. The Happy Living House has become our place to explore and discover happiness… with all who enter.

The Happy Living House delivers on each element of Happy:

Doing things I love.Learning, exercising, reading, cooking, meditating, thinking, boating, paddling, swimming, hiking, playing, giving, and entertaining. The Happy Living House is a gateway to activity and engagement.

With people I love. We’ll be inviting guest stars that I love—who have become experts in doing the things they love—to lead Vacation Retreats at the Happy Living House

We begin this spring with Guerry Grune, “the surfing professor of Duke University,” who’s also founder and CEO of 3rd Rock Essentials and an Intellectual Property expert. Then comes soul-healing coach, yoga teacher and author, Deborah Jane Sutton. After that, advanced Feng Shui practitioner, energy intuit, podcaster, and award-winning blogger Amanda Gates will be in the house. We finish the first half of the season with the “Lightning Woman,” Dr. Meg Haworth—a holistic psychologist, nutrition strategist, author, and private celebrity chef.

Our guest stars will be here to teach, inspire, and encourage you—that’s the retreat part. The Happy Living team is here to make sure you’re living the good life on the lake—that’s the vacation part. Ready for some awesome?

In places I love. Of course, I love our Happy Living House. Brooklyn chic dressed in medieval charm with panoramic views and great water, it’s the coolest house on Lake Norman. But we’ll take you all over to our favorite spots for floating in the lake, our favorite restaurants for dining on the lake, and State Park trails for hiking around the lake. Explore Charlotte as well.

Providing value to others. The entire purpose of our Vacation Retreats is to improve the happiness of each and every guest that visits. We’ll create a get-away-from-it-all environment for you to unwind, unplug, get out of your head and into your heart. A place to explore and discover what you truly want from life. Our guest stars will teach you how to improve your personal capacity, each in their unique manner. When you put purpose with capacity, the sky is the limit.

And, whenever we’re not using the house for our Vacation Retreats, it’ll be available as a vacation rental. Perfect for big family reunions, executive-team think-tank sessions, or a lake vacation with friends.

I didn’t think up buying a house, the idea for the Happy Living House simply came to me… as a flash of inspiration that I could feel, inside. I then challenged the feeling, searching to see if it was truly important. And, the more I thought about it, the more I realized just how vital it was to have this meeting place for our community. In the end, the inspiration, and then the action of launching the Happy Living House helped me gain clarity on how I define happiness.

And that’s what I wish for you in the New Year, real clarity on what happiness means for you. And when you get it, go for it!

I hope to see you in 2019.


Book your little slice of happy living here, Vacation Retreats or here Vacation Rentals. And help us spread the word!

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