#27 – Kerri Hummingbird

Feb 28, 2019 | Something Significant Podcast | 0 comments

“Ready yourself to receive mystical moments… Know that an empty cup is sacred… Trust, trust, trust. Take the leap. You are ready to fly.”
(Kerri Hummingbird)

The next guest on our podcast, Kerri Hummingbird, faced abusive relationships before she could even cognitively remember them. As sad and enraging as that is, it is true. For Kerri and countless others.

Kerri unconsciously carried the gravity of those early childhood moments into adulthood—where she came to repeat those unhealthy cycles of behavior imprinted upon her before she had a chance to question them.

For relief, she sought attention. For relief, she sought sex. For relief, she was doped up by
psychiatrists. For relief, she married the wrong man.

Then, one day, she found the strength to put an end to the struggle. She found a way to put an end to the pain. For good.

She escaped her comfort zone and sought an alternative way of healing, an ancient way of healing largely forgotten in the west. Though she thought she was acting foolish, even crazy, she sought out a shamanistic healer. In a single session, this guide led Kerri’s spirit back to its “original wound”—the moment we all have inside when our natural innocence is robbed from us. The guide let her see it, let her feel it, let her get to know it. So she could move forward.

Once she acknowledged her original wound for what it was, the shaman ripped the gravity from her chest. Kerri felt the weight lift. Then she saw a hummingbird hovering above her. And she awoke a new person. A soul with a spirit of abundance, a soul primed to follow her passion.

And for years now Kerri Hummingbird has taught students through spirit coaching and fire-walking, energy healing and through the Skills Not Pills Movement.

My name is Jon Grant and I write for Happy Living. I’ve listened to a lot of our podcasts. This is the most honest, the most raw, the most real one I’ve heard

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