The caterpillar that was “Something Significant” has evolved into the butterfly of “The Happy Hour with Matt Gersper.”

Check out our first flight with James Templeton of UniKey Health—listen to an ancient drawl of wisdom won by beating cancer without chemo and living life on his own terms.

Determination defeats depression and confidence is more powerful than fear. Discover Your Calling.

Listen here:

James Templetonisms:

“Don’t be miserable. Love your life now.”

“Sometimes you get sick and your wife leaves you. And then, little by little, you get back on your feet.”

“The harder you work the luckier you become.”

“It’s not about jogging. It’s about eating.”

“I went from having life by the tail to having cancer. And I was like, what is truly important?”

“One of the root causes of all health is toxicity. It puts a bind on the immune system. Get rid of the bad stuff so our bodies can heal ourselves.”

“Vitamin C and be Cancer Free.”

“If you’re not happy with your life then do something about it, whatever it is. We’re here for a reason. Discover your calling.”

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John specializes in producing the very best outputs (including the country’s only 100% non-GMO, pasture raised pork snack sticks and salamis) by using the very best inputs (high quality feedstuffs such as apples, acorns, pears, alfalfa, and grass fed dairy products rather than cereal grains)… that makes sense – to get the best out you gotta put the best in! 

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