Become a Soulpreneur

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.
(Wayne Dyer)

SoulPreneur – a human doing business from the heart and with soul, knowing that where integrity, love and altruism lead the bottom line will follow

Keith and Michelle Norris thought up Paleo f(x) on the back of a napkin during a three-hour flight and turned it into one of the largest and most successful health-and-wellness conferences in the world by flipping the script on traditional rules of entrepreneurial enterprise and doing things their own way.  

They knew that abundance is better than scarcity—in nature as well as business—so they ditched establishment’s “me-first” attitudes and embarked on a symbiotic path. For mutual benefit, they stopped working against competitors to start working with allies. Yeah, they knew their piece of the pie may be a bit smaller, but they also knew the pie they were creating could feed an entire ecosystem.

And, together, they feasted.      

Utilizing the collaborative tribal mindset, Keith and Michelle embody the term “Soulpreneur” and the ethos behind it. They’ve made Paleo f(x) into the juggernaut it is and have turned their focus to teaching, to spreading their message, so others can create their own abundance.  

And, October 10-14 they’ll lead a SoulPreneur Retreat at the Happy Living House in the lake country of North Carolina—and it’s gonna be rad. Register for a seat at the table to expand your idea, your business, and your life.

Money can be spent on another yacht or it can be used to spread your message. The Norris’ spend theirs to help others achieve their dream-goals at events of up to 10,000 people. At this retreat, less than a dozen dynamic people will be selected from the crowd to learn, engage, and contribute to the power of the event. Do you have what it takes?

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