“Nothing out there will ever satisfy you except temporarily and superficially…” 
(Eckhart Tolle) 

The holidays have arrived. For Thanksgiving, we ate enough mashed potatoes to fill a bucket and lived off turkey sandwiches for three days. Pumpkin pie became a cologne.  

Then we shopped. In-store and online. Our belly’s full, we consumed capitalism. Stuff and things replaced stuffing and wine. But were we left satisfied? 

We live in a culture of more. The new and the latest. The must-have. The next big thing. And advertisements target our evolution; they target our desires, our craving to be cool and sexy and complete.  

At Happy Living we like gadgets and toys as much as the next, but we also live by our Pyramid of Happy. We seek Love and Adventure as keys to joy. And while a new smartphone can deliver diversion and we adore our favorite shows, nothing beats true human interaction. 

As the weather turns crisp and our screens sing their Siren song, we say put on the stocking cap to get outside. Go for a stroll around town. Take your family for a walk through the woods. Grab the skis from storage and meet an old college buddy in the mountains.  

As our society becomes more and more digitized, strive for balance. Fresh air is essential for optimal health. Face-to-face conversation and eye contact are vital for spirit. A hug is more meaningful than a text. 

This holiday season, take the time to put the device down and go do. Hold the door open for a friend. Smile at a stranger. Get a cup of coffee for the person behind you at the café. 

Be human.  

Happiness does not come from things or conditions. Happiness does not come from ‘out there’ but from ‘in here’. You don’t find it, you become it. Happiness just is when you just are. 

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