The Happy Formula

And Happy Living’s Partnership with a Sage Yogi:

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“If you want to be happy, be.”

Leo Tolstoy

Is there a formula for Happy? Happy Living thinks so.

Matt Gersper is speaking around the country about Happy f(x), about the ability we all have to attain happiness through a life of capacity and purpose. He instructs us how Earthly Energy plus Spiritual Energy (with a little perspective thrown in) equals Happy.

Mr. Happy Living shares his story of failure and triumph on the football field, in business, and in his personal life—and how he has evolved in one major aspect of his thinking: “The universe is not ‘out there,’ it is inside of us, each and every one of us.”

And for thousands of years, one of the best ways humans have “allowed the falling away of what we aren’t” is through the Yoga… through its meditation by movement, through the physical/spiritual awakening that comes from intentional breath and pose.

So, Happy Living has partnered with renown Yogi and Health Practitioner, Kate Balog, of Tree Haus Wellness.

India-trained in classic Vinyasa and honed at Big Sur’s famed Esalen Institute, Kate teaches her students to “Quiet the mental chatter and let go of tension, bringing awareness inside to connect with the life-force energy for the best you.”

Kate knows her stuff. She lives it. Breathes it. And adds value to others through sharing it.

Watch Matt Gersper, Kate Balog, and me, Jon Grant, on a recorded Happy Living Happy Hour… Click here.

Learn the Happy Formula, Happy f(x). Learn how Kate’s fun and functional yoga helps you shift the variables to get the desired sum—a life of capacity, purpose, and significance… a life of joy, a life of Happy.

With our newly announced partnership, Kate is offering a special rate to Happy Living community for her Online Yoga Series. Click here for more details and to enroll… use code HappyLiving for $10 off.

Kate’s classes are offered live as well as taped. Each class costs only about as much as a drink at the bar used to be and can be enjoyed whenever you are—for a more balanced, happier, you.   



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