Coming Soon – The Something Significant Podcast has a NEW Home

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Something Significant Broadcast Worldwide!

“Be concerned not with obedience but with benefit, and you are at the core of living.”
Witter Bynner


Guess what!

After just 31 episodes, our Something Significant Podcast was ‘discovered’ and is now being broadcast by WYTV7 in Charlotte, North Carolina, America’s #1 Relationship Network reaching 1.4 million people worldwide plus Iheart, Itune, Apple, and over 100 more podcast locations.

The Something Significant Show with Matt Gersper is a fast, fun, and inspiring interview show. Matt loves bringing you people that inspire him by living in their significance… or as he says in the show’s tagline, “Ordinary people doing extraordinary things” in the world.


Take a look at the current line-up of amazing people we’ve already booked for this season:

Matt defines “significance” as ‘doing work you love, with people you love, in places you love, AND creating something of value for others while you’re at it.’

He said he loves hosting this show “because I love entrepreneurs and artists and authors and innovators and people from every walk of life that have discovered their reason for being on this planet… and I love inspiring others to make the most out of their lives, too.”

Who knows, one of Matt’s guests just might be the catalyst that makes a life-changing difference in your life. And that would be a really good thing.

The show airs every Thursday at 8:00 PM Eastern beginning September 10th. Set a reminder and don’t miss an episode.




#34 – Sheree Clark

#34 – Sheree Clark

Sheree Clark was at the top of the world, she owned her own business but came to the realization that she wasn’t fulfilling her purpose. So after 25 years in the advertising world, she transcended into becoming a midlife courage coach. Sheree believes we can age...

#34 – Sheree Clark

#33 – Bakari Grant

Bakari Grant is a retired wide receiver who spent 8 years playing pro-ball in Canada, quite the change from his Oakland, CA roots. Through football, Bakari learned valuable lessons about perspective and found his passion for giving back to the community. With football...

#34 – Sheree Clark

#32 – Tony Kasandrinos Today’s interview is with Tony Kasandrinos, founder of Kasandrinos Olive Oil. Tony turned his family’s passion from hobby to business. Learn how Tony transitioned from a 22 year career in the Marine Corps to founder of a...

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