#32 – Tony Kasandrinos

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Today’s interview is with Tony Kasandrinos, founder of Kasandrinos Olive Oil. Tony turned his family’s passion from hobby to business. Learn how Tony transitioned from a 22 year career in the Marine Corps to founder of a thriving olive oil company and the many lessons he picked up along the way.

Show Notes:

:30 – Who is Tony Kasandrinos/How did Kasandrinos Olive Oil Begin?

5:40 – Happy Formula: Capacity + Purpose= Happy. Tony’s daily, weekly practices to increase his capacity.

8:45 – What is Tony’s Work Out Routine?

12:00 – What event caused Tony to find his purpose, was it through inspiration or devastation?

15:45 – What change/evolution happened through the devastation?

18:55 – Tony’s place he loves

20:00 – What makes Kasandrinos Olive Oil so fresh?

24:00 – Tony’s joy for sharing his family’s olive oil

25:00 – Rapid Fire Questions:

  • Do you have a favorite quote?
  • If you could spend one day with any person in history?
  • One thing you wish you had known 10 years ago?

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