Blood Pressure and Why it Should Matter to You

We don’t pretend to know all of the science behind the Zona Plus.  But we know that Good Health is an important ingredient in Happy.  So we asked the folks at Zona to tell us why healthy blood pressure is so important.  It all boils down to “Damage.”

Damage to your arteries which can weaken artery inner lining and cause a life-threatening aneurysm.

Damage to your heart caused by it working harder than necessary which can result in weakened heart muscle and eventually heart attacks.

Damage to your brain can be caused by disruption of blood to the brain which can lead to a stroke or dementia.

Damage to your kidneys due to impairment of arteries leading to your kidneys and preventing them from effectively filtering waste.

Damage to your eyes from nerve deterioration caused by blocked blood flow to the optic nerve or loss of vision from internal retina bleeding.

If you are interested in using the Zona Plus to help you achieve and maintain healthy Blood Pressure, as a member of the Happy Living Community you receive $50 off your purchase. Use code : HAPPY

Zona Plus – Series 3

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How we got introduced to Zona Plus

How we got introduced to Zona Plus

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How we got introduced to Zona Plus

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#35 Mark Young

#35 Mark Young

Mark went from a life of security and academia to the life of a risk-taking entrepreneur.  
Learn about his journey from teaching students in a classroom to teaching people how to reach their potential, in the school of life.