Get to know the people behind the wine: Craig and Carla

Here is one of stories of  the people behind the wines that you can enjoy this Thanksgiving.

South African Mavericks – Craig & Carla have a simple goal: honest personality in every glass. Their wines are vibrant, a product of the mineral rich soils they gently take care of.  Their 2019 Love is More than a Feeling is one of Dry Farm Wines Selections this fall.

Join the club and enjoy this and other all natural wines this fall.



Get To Know Our Partner

URL: dryfarmwines.com

Dry Farm Wines curates only the highest quality natural wines from small family farms that meet our strict standard of purity. Unlike today’s commercialized and processed wines, this is real wine. Nothing added, nothing removed.

  • Sugar-Free (< 1g/L)
  • Lower Sulfites (< 75ppm)
  • Lower Alcohol (< 12.5%)
  • Mycotoxin/Mold-Free
  • No Industrial Additives
  • Dry-Farmed (No Irrigation)
  • Minimal Intervention
  • Wild Native Yeast
  • Small Productions
  • Paleo-Friendly
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Low Carb-Friendly
  • Mouthwateringly Delicious
  • Older Vines (generally 35-100 years)
  • Naturally or Biodynamically Farmed

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