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I love church pastors and non-profit entrepreneurs and business executives and corporate trainers and people from every walk of life that have discovered their reason for being on this planet…

And that’s why I love Terry Tolbert… he’s all of those things and the Founder of A2 Ministries International on a mission to provide training for pastors and church leaders, to help develop global discipleship and multiply small group leadership.

Show Notes:

:50 – Hey, Terry, welcome to the Something Significant Show!

1:00 – Tell our audience what you’re doing these days to leave your Mark of Significance on the World. 

2:15 – Okay, take us back in time… to 2006… and to the end of your twenty-one years as a full-time pastor to become a senior account executive for a technology company.

7:10 – Let’s go forward 10 years, what changes can you imagine and hope for in discipleship ministering, what’s the big hope you have?

11:45 – What things do you do to increase your CAPACITY so you can take good care of yourself, and your family, and still have more to be a giver?

14:25 – Sponsor Break *Save $100 on Mr. Happy Living’s New eCourse. Promo Code: WYTV7*

17:40 – Tell us about your Encounter Retreat

21:05 – Was there a specific moment or situation when either devastation or inspiration ‘revealed to you’ the PURPOSE you were meant to live?

25:30 – Tell us, how does giving to others from living in your purpose make you feel?

29:30 – Lightning Round of Quotes

“You’re perfect just as you are, and you could use a little improvement.” – Shunryu Suzuki 

“Even if no one sees or acknowledges it, a silent blessing or thought of love towards others contains a vibration that will be felt throughout the cosmos.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer 

“Sports don’t build character. They reveal it.”  – John Wooden 

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.“ – Goethe 

33:45 – Show Close

35:05 – Would you like to take a few minutes to share some parting remarks with our audience?

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www.SportsOutreach.net – related to Sports Outreach ministry and anyone wanting to use sports as a ministry tool, attend a mission trip, or wanting to learn more about On the Field and Off the Field ministries.





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