Something Significant #133 w/Marie Groves

Dec 28, 2023 | Something Significant Podcast | 0 comments

My special guest star for episode #133 is Marie Groves. Marie is a passionate Life Coach, who helps her clients sort out all the thoughts in their head while helping them navigate challenges and traumas faster with tools, mindset, and alongside a tribe of women who will walk their journey together.

Marie, I LOVE that even when struggling through the pain and chaos of life’s difficulties, you remained determined to learn how to find peace and joy. And I ADMIRE how you’re leveraging what you found in those struggles to help others navigate better and faster through their own difficulties. And I’m super HAPPY that you’ve shared your encouraging and healing spirit on our show today.

With love,


Find Marie

On Facebook: Marie Groves

Listen to her show: Healing Waters

Call her directly: (704) 466-0148

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