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I created The Happy Quiz to inspire you to change your life and become really, truly, deeply Happy. Because measuring your Happy helps you focus attention on it, and focusing attention on it attracts change and learning and improvement all to flow right into your life. Then, after you’ve taken the Quiz, I invite you to give some thought to what we can do together, you and me, to Improve the HAPPY of your World, one person at a time!!!

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Everything we do is guided by our FOUNDATIONS OF HAPPY because these Foundations act as our framework for creating a more meaningful, successful, and happy life. The FITNESSES provide the power. LOVE and ADVENTURE provide the purpose. With power and purpose, life can be lived fully, and with SIGNIFICANCE (doing work you love, with people you love, in places you love… all while providing something of real value for others). That’s what we want for you! Get started today with this FREE GIFT.


Something Significant #133 w/Marie Groves

Something Significant #133 w/Marie Groves

Looking for motivation, empowerment, and effective tools to navigate life’s challenges with resilience? Tune in to Matt’s inspiring interview with Marie Groves, an impassioned and dedicated Life Coach. Discover how her transformative journey from pain to peace can guide you, accompanied by a supportive tribe of women. Don’t miss this empowering episode!

Something Significant #132 w/Paul Kolterman

Something Significant #132 w/Paul Kolterman

Mr. Happy Living interviews Paul Kolterman, a retired agri-business professional turned farmer. Explore Paul’s journey from Nebraska to his picturesque Florida farm, where he raises goats, cattle, and produces hay. Experience the transformative power of Paul’s journey and his unique perspective on finding joy through purposeful living. Don’t miss this inspired episode!

Something Significant #131 w/Tony Copeland-Parker

Something Significant #131 w/Tony Copeland-Parker

Mr. Happy Living chats with Tony Copeland-Parker about life, love, and his unique perspective on finding joy amidst life’s challenges. Discover Tony’s inspiring journey from a 37-year aviation career to running marathons worldwide with his beautiful partner, Cat. Learn the secrets behind Tony’s life of significance. You’ll be uplifted and inspired by Tony’s remarkable story!