What makes you happy?  It’s a simple question, but so many of us never really figure it out.  Inspiration, prioritization, and energy all drive us towards happiness.  But there is more to it than just that in order to really, truly, achieve happiness.

In this course we are looking to move you 15 inches (the distance from your head to your heart).  I know that doesn’t seem like much, but those 15 inches may be the most important move you (and your happiness) ever make.

Give us 8 weeks.  Only 30 hours (that’s 30 minutes per day) and we guarantee you’ll never be the same again.  If we don’t live up to that promise, we will refund the full $300 charge for this course.

Not convinced yet? Have week 1 on me, for free. Learn about the 15 inches we are about to help you move.  Then let’s get started on the journey to true happiness together!

With Love,

Mr. Happy Living!


Week One: Exploring Inspiration | What inspires you? What are your life’s wonders? What is mind mapping? Week One is FREE… start Exploring Inspiration, right away!

Week Two: Exploring Priority | Reflection and Filtering. Two more filters and one more question. The Powers of Priority & Heart.

Week Three: Exploring Power | What is gravity? What power does it have, really? What is the Pathway to Power.

Week Four: Making Space | Why are current Things important to you? Abolish forms that make you feel bad. Refrain.

Week Five: Earthly (Finite) Energy | The Fitnesses of Capacity. The responsibility of being your best self. The magic of giving.

Week Six: Spiritual (Infinite) Energy | Unlearning life. Rediscovering the essence within you. Discovering the real, authentic you, in-spirit… the person you were meant to be.

Week Seven: The Shift | Taking stock of your life as it is (Good morning). Getting real with what you want life to mean for you (Great afternoon). Taking action, and never look back (From ambition to meaning). Matt shares his quantum moment.

Week Eight: Kaizening Life | Personal Responsibility. Kaizen and Hold. Carefree Diligence.



Course Information

Course Instructor

Matt Gersper Matt Gersper Instructor

Founder of Happy Living. Lake dweller, father of four, married to the love of my life. Constantly cultivating healthy, happy days.

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This FREE trial allows you to try out the course and all of the first week materials for free.  If you aren’t happy, simply cancel your subscription at any time during the free trial. But we feel you will truly value the transformation that this course can cause in your life.

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8-Week Course Overview

Exploring Inspiration 

Exploring Priority

Exploring Power

Making Space

Earthly (finite) Energy

Spiritual (infinite) Energy

The Shift

Kaizening Life

Turning This Into Reality