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I created The Happy Quiz to inspire you to change your life and become really, truly, deeply Happy. Because measuring your Happy helps you focus attention on it, and focusing attention on it attracts change and learning and improvement all to flow right into your life. Then, after you’ve taken the Quiz, I invite you to give some thought to what we can do together, you and me, to Improve the HAPPY of your World, one person at a time!!!

With Love,

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Everything we do is guided by our FOUNDATIONS OF HAPPY because these Foundations act as our framework for creating a more meaningful, successful, and happy life. The FITNESSES provide the power. LOVE and ADVENTURE provide the purpose. With power and purpose, life can be lived fully, and with SIGNIFICANCE (doing work you love, with people you love, in places you love… all while providing something of real value for others). That’s what we want for you! Get started today with this FREE GIFT.



My Commencement Sucked!

My Commencement Sucked!

Feeling disheartened by the cancellation or lackluster nature of your graduation ceremony, take heart. Mr. Happy Living is here to help you discover your purpose, make your mark of significance, and find true happiness with his inspiring commencement address. Embrace the wisdom to navigate life’s challenges and unlock the joy of giving back. Your journey to a purposeful life of significant begins right here.