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My work is to help others believe they can make a plan and generate all the power they need to create the unique and distinctive life of their dreams.

Oh, I love my work!

I invite you to think about what we can do together, you and me, to Improve the HAPPY of your World, one person at a time!!!

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Everything we do is guided by our FOUNDATIONS OF HAPPY because these Foundations act as our framework for creating a more meaningful, successful, and happy life. The FITNESSES provide the power. LOVE and ADVENTURE provide the purpose. With power and purpose, life can be lived fully, and with SIGNIFICANCE (doing work you love, with people you love, in places you love… all while providing something of real value for others). That’s what we want for you! Get started today with this FREE GIFT.


Something Significant #157 w/Anne Nelson

Something Significant #157 w/Anne Nelson

In the realm of hearts, Anne Nelson reigns, as wisdom is gleaned, insights are gained | Marriage, family, and grief she tends, to peak performance, as clients mend | In Anne’s embrace, find your soul’s song, with resilience, love, and peace so strong | Her faith and science will help you see, the path to thrive, where your heart lives free.

Something Significant #156 w/Matt Raney

Something Significant #156 w/Matt Raney

In lands afar and close to home,
Matt Raney’s tale will soon be known | Adventure Soccer, spreading light,
in hearts with hope, both day and night | Tune in and hear, his mission is grand, with orphans in need, he makes a stand | Listen close, and you’ll be inspired, a journey of hope in the Lord, to lift all higher.


Calling High School Teachers & Coaches

Calling High School Teachers & Coaches

Share this blog post with every high school teacher and coach you know! Help empower students to shape their dreams with Happy Living’s transformative Rise to the Challenge program. Let’s inspire the next generation to achieve their unique and distinct life they are meant to live.