Here’s What You Get?

As part of the Happy Living Community, you receive a bottle for a penny on your first order from Dry Farm Wines, what better way to try these delicious wines?

Here’s Why we love Dry Farm Wines!

“I love wine and believe it to be part of a healthy and happy life. Quality matters though. I now only drink these clean, healthy natural wines from Dry Farm Wines.”   – Mr. Happy Living

When I first met the man known as “the healthiest wino on the planet,” he claimed that unlike many other wines, Dry Farm Wines do not cause headaches or hangovers. He further explained that he started his company because 99%+ of wine consumed in the U.S. is a highly processed factory product, loaded with additives and unnatural things. Just like most processed food: it’s toxic.

Back in my hotel room that night, I made a big decision: toxic wines out, natural wines in. My first shipment of Dry Farm Wines arrived in June, 2016, and my old supply of boxed wine went straight into the garbage can. It’s been years now since I made the switch, and I feel great!

Here are the top ten reasons I love Dry Farm Wines:

They’re sugar-free, additive-free, and low in alcohol, so they are much better for my health than commercially processed wines.

They’re lab tested for purity. None of the seventy-six chemical additives approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in wine making (including ammonia)[1] make it into the wine I drink.

They don’t cause me headaches or hangovers (really!), so I can indulge my love of wine without feeling negative effects the following morning. 

Their Friends of the Farm Wine & Social Club is awesome. I set a budget, chose my varietals, and now delicious, healthy wines are delivered right to my doorstep every month.

They curate the highest quality natural wines for me from organic, small family farms all over the world.

It’s fun to open a different bottle of wine every night.

With Dry Farm Wines, the wine I drink every night is just as clean, natural and wholesome as the food I eat every day.

They support our Happy Living events like Night of Theater & Wine Tasting in Sacramento, California and One Thousand Clinks Of Love and Happiness in Portland, Oregon, which we held during the World Domination Summit.

They let me offer you, our Happy Living family and friends, your very first bottle of Dry Farm Wine for just one cent. Claim your penny bottle here and also get their free Natural Wine ebook.

Drum roll, please.

They make my gift shopping super easy. I set a budget, chose the varietals, and delicious, natural wines get delivered right to the doorstep of my loved ones in time to celebrate any occasion. And they’ll do the same for you! Just click here to share the gift of healthy, organic wines with your loved ones too.

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Sip Juicy Reds this Summer

Sip Juicy Reds this Summer

2018 Michel Guignier Amethystes Bright & Drinkable Labs 12.29% alcohol, 0.5 g/L sugar, 38ppm sulfur Tastes Like Delicate dried fruits, juicy lift, lively finish Pairs With Mushrooms, Braised chicken

Enjoy a Summer Red

Enjoy a Summer Red

2018 Caveau Quinard Gamay Focused & Fresh Labs 11.71% alcohol, 0.5 g/L sugar, 38ppm sulfur Tastes Like Beautiful red fruits, structured palate, hints of earth Pairs With Grilled Meats, Fatty Seafood, Roasted or Raw Nuts



Natural Sugar Free Rosé 2018 Valentina Rosa Terra Focused & Fresh Labs 11.58% alcohol, 0.2 g/L sugar, 3ppm sulfur Tastes Like Light pink fruit, salty minerality, quaffable finish Pairs With Deviled eggs, bright salads

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