Here is What Our Friends Get?

As a friend of Happy Living, here’s what you get! 20% off all purchases from 3rd Rock Essentials 

How To Get This Deal!

Go to 3rd Rock Essentials using our affiliate link and save at checkout by using the code HappyLiving.

Here’s What You Get

As part of the Happy Living Community, you save 20% off any purchase from 3rd Rock Essentials, the skin care company, founded on the belief: If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, why theheck would you put it on your skin? Use Code: HappyLiving at checkout

Here’s Why We Love 3rd Rock Essentials

“3rd Rock Essentials puts people and planet over profit. 3rd Rock Essentials makes personal care products that work great without any toxins. I love 3rd Rock because 3rd Rock cares!”
– Mr. Happy Living

3rd Rock Essentials is an American based company that makes all their products right here in the USA. All 3rd Rock products are toxin free and made with food grade edible ingredients, which includes a sunscreen so safe you can eat it!

3rd Rock has an amazing range of products including a reef safe sunscreen, an immune boosting tonic, and all-natural alternatives to both Neosporin and Vaseline.

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