Meet Mr. Happy Living – At Our Place

Mr. Happy Living loves to meet with groups, large and small, here or there, virtually or in-person, on a stage or anywhere to inspire others to believe as he does—the best is yet to be!

“I believe that a better self is always possible – today, every day, for the rest of our lives.”
—Matt Gersper

“With an authentic, sincere and intelligent style, Matt shares his personal journey through sports, business and relationships. Just as he did, we learn from his victories and defeats, most pointedly his time-tested methodology for turning inspiration into action. Ultimately, his is a story full of invaluable action starters and life lessons that anyone can apply to their own lives.”

Scott Barry

playwright, screenwriter, actor, and former NFL quarterback

Retreats, Events, and Get-A-Ways

Every year, there are a number of exciting retreats, events, and get-aways held at the Happy Living House. Some are hosted by the Happy Living Team. Others are hosted by our Partners in Happy. Companies and groups may also rent the Happy Living House for their own private gatherings.

Planning a corporate retreat, small event, or strategic get-a-way? Need a great space, an inspiring speaker, great food, or any other event assistance? Contact the Happy Living team today and we’ll help make your special event a great success for your business.