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Why Relax Sauna? 

“I love my Relax Sauna. I bask in its healing far infrared rays every morning. In just twenty minutes, I sweat as much as if I’d run four miles… but I’m not exhausted. Instead, I feel great! And I’ve boosted my metabolism, burned calories, and sweated away toxins and some body fat, too. What a great way to start a day!” – Matt Gersper

Get the benefits of a sauna at home. Relax Sauna is an at home sauna that uses beneficial far-infrared light to provide an almost endless amounts of benefits. Please check out the  Health Benefits tab on Relax Saunas website to learn more about how their sauna can help with: arthritis, better sleep, weight loss and many more.

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    Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat

    Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat

    A study in Finland found that people who regularly use saunas live longer and have fewer fatal heart problems.(S)  Many studies have shown the benefits of sweating What is Hyperthermia… ? Hyperthermia is heat treatment – the carefully controlled use of heat for...

    Why use a Sauna

    Why use a Sauna

    Saunas have a number of therapeutic and health benefits.  Studies have been showing benefit after benefit for years. Our skin an essential organ in the detoxification of our bodies. The Japanese and Finnish cultures love saunas.  The team at Relax Saunas has pulled...

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