Why use a Sauna

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Saunas have a number of therapeutic and health benefits.  Studies have been showing benefit after benefit for years.

Our skin an essential organ in the detoxification of our bodies.

The Japanese and Finnish cultures love saunas. 

The team at Relax Saunas has pulled together a number of studies that showcase the positive impacts of sauna use on everything from mood to chronic pain and illness.  Check out their blog post here for the details. https://www.relaxsaunas.com/far-infrared-benefits-blog/research-shows-the-many-amazing-health-benefits-of-sauna-use

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#44 – Phillip Wilson

#44 – Phillip Wilson

I love Phillip Wilson… he’s an entrepreneur and a holistic health expert, too. As the President of Momentum98, he’s been introducing cutting edge, unique, innovative products to the holistic health marketplace for more than 40 years…. He also owns and operates Momentum98 Natural Health Products

Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat

Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat

A study in Finland found that people who regularly use saunas live longer and have fewer fatal heart problems.(S)  Many studies have shown the benefits of sweating What is Hyperthermia… ? Hyperthermia is heat treatment – the carefully controlled use of heat for...

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