When it comes to happy, experience is a great teacher, and Matt has a deep life experience to draw from and a storyteller’s heart to share it with. He’s been a paperboy, janitor, grocery clerk, sprinkler installer, college pole vaulter, professional football player, bartender, retail buyer, sales representative, financial auditor, business executive, and entrepreneur. He’s lived in more than ten houses in seven states, owned four businesses, moved cross-country four times, married, raised two children, divorced, married again, and raising two more children. Although he never ended up exactly where he expected, each adventure enriched his life.

Now Matt has dedicated the rest of his life to enriching others.

At Our Place

Looking for a host and moderator for your event or a perfect location to hold your own retreat? Happy Living House is a great space to create great engagement and a great experience.

At Your Place

From big keynote stages to small private events, Matt LOVES to inspire others. His unique ‘Happy Formula’ and his story from ‘Fired To Forty-Two Million’ has inspired and motivated thousands.  

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At Your Leisure

Entrepreneurship. Inspiration. Unity. These are just a few of the topics Matt LOVES to talk about. Check out his ever-growing library of recorded talks.