Something Significant with Matt Gersper

Something Significant is an interview show about ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the world. We define “significance” as ‘doing work you love, with people you love, in places you love, AND creating something of value for others while you’re at it.’

The host, Matt Gersper (a.k.a. Mr. Happy Living) explores the life journey that brought his inspiring guests to the moment of discovering their unique and distinct reason for being on this planet. Matt likes to explore their road to significance through the mathematical equation he calls The Happy Formula: Capacity + Purpose = Happy

Scientific research on the Power of Giving that he discovered while creating our Eight-week eCourse prompted Matt to update his formula: Capacity + Purpose + Giving = really Happy

Once he began exploring the Power of Giving with his guests on the show, he discovered they all had the same reaction. All of them, one guest after another agreed with the science that it’s that fourth element of significance, ‘doing work that creates value for others’ that brings them a kind of pure and natural joy.

Then he suddenly realized, there’s more to it than that. It’s not just the giving that’s powerful. What Matt’s been exploring, and learning, and experiencing is it’s when you’re giving from living in your purpose… That’s where you find the real MAGIC of life!!!

So, to more properly reflect the exponential power of The Happy Formula, he tweaked it just a bit more: Capacity x Purpose x Giving = Happy3

Now that’s really, truly, deeply Happy.

That’s what Matt and his guests talk about because they want you to be really, truly, deeply happy, too. They want you to discover and BRING TO LIFE your unique and distinct reason for being on this planet, too. Because they know that’s how you’ll make your Mark of Significance on the world.

That’s what we all want for you!

Available here, our podcast feed, on WYTV7, YouTube, and on all your favorite listening apps.

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