Something Significant #134 w/Chuck Harlander

Dec 31, 2023 | Something Significant Podcast | 0 comments

In memory of my beloved Sir Charles Barkley.

Barkley and I had a very special relationship that I’ll always treasure. I really LOVED that boy. And he really LOVED me. His beautiful spirit may have left his body in the early hours of October 18, 2023 but forevermore it lives on in me…  🙏❤️🐶—Matt

This episode is dedicated to all dog lovers and especially to those wonderful people who rescue dogs.

My special guest star for episode #134 is one of those wonderful people. Chuck Harlander is truly living a life of service bringing Peace of Mind to the families that feel forced to give up their family pet knowing that Boxer Rescue Ranch will love them and care for them. And by bringing Joy to the families that adopts one of his dogs giving it a brand new loving home and family to live with. And by giving Confidence to his students at Sun Valley Magnet by helping them discover a career path or even bigger, their unique and distinct purpose for living the life they were put on this planet to live.

Chuck, I LOVE how you’ve used your big heart and gentle way to powerfully and diligently carve out a full and purposeful life that benefits others. And I ADMIRE the passion and dedication and energy you pour into your dogs and your students and your family. And I’m super HAPPY that you’ve shared your humble and kindhearted and yet high-octane spirit on our show today.

With love,


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On Facebook: Chuck Harlander, Boxer Rescue Ranch

Donate: Boxer Rescue  Ranch

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