Something Significant #132 w/Paul Kolterman

Dec 27, 2023 | Something Significant Podcast | 0 comments

My special guest star for episode #132 is Paul Kolterman. After a successful career working in Big Agriculture with Land O Lakes and Winfield United, Paul moved across the country from Nebraska to Florida to own and operate a beautiful working farm, consisting of Aberdeen Angus Cattle, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and Bermuda Hay Production. It’s situated 38 miles North of Orlando and about an hour from New Smyrna Beach, and it’s a favorite Harvest Hosts destination for RV’ers, like me, traveling through that area.

Paul, I LOVE that you had the courage to make a great, big transformation from Seward, Nebraska to Grand Island, Florida. And I ADMIRE the love you have for your goats and cattle and farm, and for sharing the entire experience with anyone who comes to visit. And I’m super HAPPY that you’ve shared your passion and enthusiasm for life on our show today.

With love,


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