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Joe Ricci

Joe Ricci

Happy Living Chef

Hi, I’m Joe Ricci!

I chef for happy people. I’ll make you and your partner a succulent Chilean Sea Bass paired with fine Chardonnay or Chicken Parm for 20 folks drinkin’ house wine. I believe any atmosphere and any occasion can be elevated with good food prepared with a happy heart.

Raised in the rich-tradition of the Tuscan-Style, I learned the secrets of the Old Italy. I know all manner of cuisine because before becoming a private chef I learned from the greats in all manner of restaurants. I know ‘farm to table’ because I’ve owned a farm and a table, too.  I know good wine because, well, I’m Italian.

 And along with the food, I love bringing a night alive with stories and tales and laughter—transforming your meal into an event that’s savored long after dessert has disappeared.

 I’m Chef Joe, at your service at the Happy Living House…

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