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Anyone’s life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise,
soap, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit.
(Lillie Langtry)

Gratitude and fitness are two things that aren’t always paired together. However, we think they are perfect partners for lifelong health. Gratitude strengthens our spirit and helps us to recognize the abundance in our lives. Fitness strengthens our bodies and helps us thrive in our everyday routines. When we cultivate both gratitude and fitness, we are creating habits for happy living.

What is a practice of gratitude?

There are countless ways to express, celebrate, and practice gratitude. You might want to start by going through a mental checklist of the things and people you appreciate. What do you rely on every day? Who makes your life happier, easier, and more fulfilling?

Once you have this gratitude list, make it tangible. Keep a gratitude journal. Send thank-you notes. Snap pictures of things that make you feel happy. Write a Yelp review for your new favorite restaurant, or rate your favorite podcast on iTunes.

Revisit your thoughts of gratitude daily. If you find that you’re grateful for both trivial and profound things, know that is completely ok! When you start to look for gratitude, you will begin to notice it all around you.

What does gratitude have to do with fitness?

When you take care of your physical body, you are showing love and gratitude for yourself. Exercise strengthens your muscles and detoxifies your internal organs. Getting sweaty awakens your body and sharpens your mind. Moderate, consistent exercise is one of the sweetest, most generous things you can do for yourself.

While you’re exercising, you can practice gratitude.

Yoga teachers often suggest that students “dedicate” their practice to someone or something in their lives. That’s a perfect time to focus your energy on gratitude and fitness. You can also try this on your next walk, bike ride, or swim. Let the repetitive motions become a moving meditation on gratitude.

Think about everything your body does for you – from your bones to your skin, and from your brain to your toes. Your body works hard to keep you safe and healthy. So when you think about it that way, a daily fitness routine becomes a practice of gratitude.

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