How to Maximize the Benefits of Any Conference – Paleo f(x) 2015

How to Maximize the Benefits of Any Conference - Paleo f(x) 2015 |

“There is no right answer, only good choices.”
(Robb Wolf)

I have attended many conferences in a variety of industries over my career. I recently went to my first health & wellness conference representing Happy Living. Kaileen Elise and I spent three days learning, networking, and discovering at this year’s Paleo f(x) Conference in Austin, Texas.

The sessions we attended were both informative and inspiring, with great speakers who presented on a variety of subjects within the Paleo Ancestral Movement. They all had one central theme in common: optimizing human health.

We walked through the exhibit hall several times and spoke with entrepreneurs who are offering innovative and healthy products. We spoke with like-minded people who were there to learn about ideas and products to apply to their own lives — and to share with their clients, friends, and communities.

I was surrounded by enthusiastic people who share my mission to improve the health and wellbeing of the world, one person at a time. During the conference, I felt among my people… perhaps I have found my tribe!

Great Conference Ideas Don’t Survive the Trip Home

At conferences it’s easy to get excited about new ideas, products, and innovations that can make a difference in your life or company. It’s also pretty easy to find fellow conference attendees who seem like they would be good contacts, colleagues, mentors, or friends. Getting excited and onboard is easy, but maintaining “conference enthusiasm” and implementing changes after returning home is when the real work begins.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Any Conference

Take quick action after a conference or you’ve wasted your time and money. Here’s how to maximize the benefits of any conference: identify the top five ideas and products from the conference, and then write down your top five actions items.

My Top 5 Ideas from Paleo f(x) 2015

  1. We are living in a toxic world — figuring out how to reduce our exposure to toxins will help restore optimal health. Learn more with expert Michael Roesslein.
  2. The human body is host to trillions of microbial “friends” in the gut that help make nutrients and break down food. They are responsible for 80% of our immune system, which is responsible for protecting against pathogenic threats and illness. Learn more with expert Dr. Grace Liu.
  3. The new sciences of genetics, epigenetics, and nutrigenomics give us the opportunity to experiment with improvements (hack our biology), measure the effectiveness of our efforts, and make adjustments as needed to develop a highly personalized optimal health strategy. Learn more with expert Dr. Daniel Stickler.
  4. Modern research demonstrates that a diet based on healthy fats help to optimize brain health and performance. Learn more with experts Nora Gedgaudas (author of Primal Body, Primal Mind and Rethinking Fatigue) and Nina Teicholz (author of The Big Fat Surprise).
  5. The common conception of stress management is wrong. Stress does not come from things, people, or events in life. Stress comes from our thoughts about them. True happiness comes from managing the mindset. Learn more from expert Andrew Bernstein or buy his book, The Myth of Stress.

My Top 5 Products from Paleo f(x) 2015

  1. ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise) offers a new alternative to traditional weights and machines that only provide a single level of resistance. ARX machines adapt their resistance to each user instantly, never applying more force than a user can handle at any given time. In less than 2 minutes, I had the most intense chest and leg exercise of my life!
  2. Paleo Pizza is a delicious frozen pizza that is dairy and gluten free, with no preservatives or sugar added, and which uses pork that is pasture-raised with no nitrates. It’s a delicious pizza that my family can enjoy together without the guilt of typical options.
  3. Bulletproof® Coffee, created by Dave Asprey, is another healthy & delicious product I discovered at Paleo f(x). After speaking with their team, I learned that low-toxin coffee blended with grass-fed butter and Brain Octane MCT oil can increase energy and improve mental acuity.
  4. AO+ Mist is a new cosmetic spray that can restore the skin’s natural ecosystem with healthy bacteria (think probiotics for your skin), while potentially reducing the need for skincare products like deodorant and lotion.
  5. Exo Protein Bars and Crickers Crackers are working hard to bring crickets to our everyday diet because they are a sustainable and top-quality protein source… that are also delicious!

My Top 5 Actions from Paleo f(x) 2015

  1. Immediately after Paleo f(x), I backed Crickers Crackers on Kickstarter. (They have since met their goal!) I’m also planning to meet with the founders in June to explore synergies with Happy Living.
  2. I will be experimenting with a 30-day supply of AO+ Mist to test my skin’s response to a daily dosing of healthy bacteria.
  3. I will be starting my mornings with a cup of Bulletproof Coffee to test my body and brain’s response to a daily source of healthy fats.
  4. Because I learned so much about the importance of healthy bacteria in and on our bodies, I will be testing my gut microbiome with MyMedLab’s first “gut health experience” that sequences the DNA of gut bacteria.
  5. After I receive my results, I’ll also be experimenting with a 30-day supply of bone broth for its healing properties. According to some experts, bone broth promotes gut health, helps strengthen bones, and brightens skin.

Conferences can be a great opportunity for learning, networking, and inspiration. Don’t let the positive impact of a conference stop when you get home – instead, write down the top five ideas and products, and then take action to maximize your investment.

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