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I love my work at Happy Living!

Twice a month, for the last nine months, I’ve been preparing an agenda and leading thought-provoking discussions with Privately Inspired People. This is an invitation-only group that we created to provide an environment full of ideas, encouragement, and support to help one another take inspired action to live our one wild and precious life to its fullest, because…

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17 

Living For Legacy

The focus of our meeting on Thursday, August 10, 2023, is spending your life creating the legacy you want to leave behind when it’s over. Living For Legacy is about immersing yourself in mastering the things you love most. It comes from choosing the one big thing that’s the most important in your life and then building everything you do around that. For me, Living For Legacy means living my life as an example that may help others make choices aligned to their true selves. So, if living my life helps even one person make right choices for themselves, the joy that brings to the world will live well beyond my passing. And that’ll mean that my life was well used.

We’ll spend our time together discussing three aspects of Living For Legacy.

  1. Start At The End
  2. Making Space
  3. Burning Your Boats

I’m so excited for this week’s meeting to discuss the important role Viking Funerals can play in the process of creating the legacy you want to leave this world.

1️⃣ Start at the end. Imagine stepping into the future and seeing that you’ve lived a life so well used that it brings you a happy death. I wrote “My Viking Funeral” as the final chapter of Part 2 of my book Turning Inspiration Into Action to paint a vivid picture of my own farewell on July 4, 2064, surrounded by loved ones at our lakeside home. I wrote it to inspire you, dear reader, to reflect on the legacy you want to leave behind and how to infuse every moment you have left with meaning, purpose, and significance… spending your days doing work you love, with people you love, in places you love, and creating something of value to others. 💫 #PursueYourPurpose #TurningInspirationIntoAction #LifeWellUsed #LegacyOfSignificance

2️⃣ Making Space. My oldest daughter knows all about My Viking Funeral. In fact, she’s planning to be there. So when she came across a great video created by Kyle Scheele to share the unique way he said goodbye to his 20s—by burning a cardboard Viking ship to symbolically let go of his regrets, mistakes, and anxieties of the past decade—she immediately shared it with me. Kyle says, “If you want to have room for better things in your future, you have to be willing to let go of some things from your past.” I couldn’t agree more. That’s why Making Space (to bring change into your life) is the entire focus of Week 4 of our eight-week eCourse called The Philosophy of YOU and Your (inspired!) Life. 🌟 #MakingSpace #LettingGo #ThePeopleWeUsedToBe

3️⃣ Burning Your Boats. However, making space is not enough to generate all the power you need to create your legacy. Yes, it’s important to make space by having the courage to let things go. And to make space by making tough decisions. But Living For Legacy requires making permanent space. You make permanent space by burning your boats, and anything and anyone that will make it LESS likely for you to succeed with creating the legacy you want to leave this world. Burning your boats means GOING ALL IN. 100%. No hesitancy. No escape routes. There is no going back to your same ‘ole life, to the person you used to be… ‘cuz Living For Legacy is just too important to you and for those you’ll leave behind! 🚀 #Resilience #NoHesitancy #NoGoingBack #PurposeInAction

In preparation for our meetings, I generally recommend that each member ponders over a quote or two and does a little bit of light homework (reading a blog post or two and sometimes viewing a video, too). This is the prep work for our August 10, 2023 meeting. 🌈✨ 


“As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well used brings happy death.”

Leonardo da Vinci

“If you want to have room for better things in your future, you have to be willing to let go of some things from your past.”

Kyle Scheele


Reading: My Viking Funeral

Viewing: How To Host A Viking Funeral


If you are interested in getting support from a group of Privately Inspired People that you can count on to encourage you and help you along this journey to your best life, please email me directly at m[email protected] or write to me in the comment section below.

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