The power to shape your life is yours alone. Recapture that power. Leap into the unknown and live in exponential growth.

Privately Inspired People

I love my work at Happy Living!

For the last ten months, I’ve been preparing an agenda and leading thought-provoking discussions with Privately Inspired People twice a month. This is an invitation-only group that we created to provide an environment full of ideas, encouragement, and support to help one another take inspired action to live our one wild and precious life to its fullest, because…

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17 

Metcalfing Life

The focus of our meeting on Thursday, September 28, 2023, is Metcalfing Life. Metcalfing Life is based on Metcalfe’s Law which is often used to explain how the value of networks grows with the addition of each new device or member. The law can be illustrated using the example of a cell phone: a single cell phone is useless, but the value of every cell phone increases with the total number of cell phones in the network, because the total number of people with whom each user may send and receive communications increases.

Life experiences work the same way. A single experience may contribute little to the life of a person. But, like the cell phone, the value of every experience increases with the total number of experiences in one’s lifetime. As each new experience changes you, the value of every past experience, life lesson, or challenge, compounds exponentially within the “new” you.

We’ll spend our time together discussing three aspects of Metcalfing Life.

  1. Experience Matters
  2. Just Say Yes
  3. The Power Of Giving

1️⃣ Experience Matters. Every experience in life, both positive and negative, contributes to your personal growth and adds to your knowledge network. These experiences have a compounding effect, similar to Metcalfe’s Law for networks. The more experiences you accumulate, the more valuable each one becomes as they shape your perspective and wisdom over time. It’s what I call the exponential power of life experiences. #ExperienceMatters #ExperienceLife #PersonalGrowth

2️⃣ Just Say Yes. To tap into the exponential growth potential of life experiences, it’s essential to embrace the unknown. Fear should not be a deterrent but a signal of opportunity. The willingness to say “yes” to opportunities, even when they seem uncertain or feel challenging, is crucial for continuous self-improvement. It’s what I call stepping into the land of unknown outcomes. #JustSayYes #ThePowerOfYes #Kaizen #SelfImprovement

3️⃣ The Power Of Giving. Whether through time, talent, or treasure, giving to others has an exponential impact on both individuals and the world. Just like life experiences, the act of giving creates ripples of positivity with unlimited potential for the giver, the receiver, and everyone witnessing the act of kindness, too. Creating a lifelong practice of giving and helping others become their best selves will lead to improving the Happy of the world, one person at a time. And that, my friends, is my reason for being on this planet. What’s yours? #ThePowerOfGiving #GivingMatters #WhatsYourPurpose #HappyLiving

In preparation for our meetings, I generally recommend that each member ponders over a quote or two and does a little bit of light homework (reading a blog post or two and sometimes viewing a video, too). This is the prep work for our September 28, 2023 meeting.


“It’s not just what you have, but it’s what you do with what you have. Who are you lifting up? Who are you making better?”

Denzel Washington

Cultivate all the ways you can imagine to express affirmation. When the answer to all questions is yes, you enter a new world, a world of action, possibility, and adventure.

Patricia Ryan Madson (Listen to my interview with Patricia)

“Sometimes that fear of reaching out into the unknown paralyzes people to the point they decide not to reach out at all. For me, all the great things that have ever come to me have come through reaching out into that unknown.”

Erik Weihenmayer


Reading: 1) My Philosophy on Why We’re Here, 2) The Power of Yes

Make a list: Create a list of life experiences that have compounded to become the unique and highly personal network that helps you tap into the exponential power of life experiences. For example, I have used an outhouse and a bidet. And I have lived in an apartment, and a house, and a 24′ sprinter van.

Answer the question: What’s your reason for being on this planet?


If you are interested in getting support from a group of Privately Inspired People that you can count on to encourage you and help you along this journey to your best life, please email me directly at [email protected] or write to me in the comment section below.

With love,