#129 – Alumni Update w/Ed, Bobby, and Lisa

Dec 13, 2023 | Something Significant Podcast | 0 comments

Ed Hearn, Bobby McLaughlin and Lisa Wolf are my guest stars for episode #129, a very special Alumni Update. This is your first time meeting Lisa. You met Bobby in episode #114. And you met Ed twice before, way back in episode #16, and more recently in episode #113. They’re here together to share a life-changing journey from adversity to significance, tackling kidney donations, Kilimanjaro climbs, and the profound impact of love, giving and God. Their inspiring story proves the magic of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

Ed and Bobby and Lisa, I just LOVE the important work you are doing. And I ADMIRE your collective spirit of optimism, and enthusiasm, and loving others. And I’m super HAPPY that you’ve shared your struggle and success and encouragement on our show today…

With love,


Get Involved

To learn about kidney donation, go to the National Kidney Registry to see how you may be able to help.


To learn about the 2023 Kilimanjaro advocacy adventure and/or to join Bobby and others on the 2024 trek up Kilimanjaro, go to Living Donor Adventures.


And also check ‘em out on Facebook:  at Living Donors Adventure, Bobby McLaughlin, Ed Hearn, and Lisa Wolf (a.k.a. Brandy Graze) 

Be a giver, too.

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